Fresh Gravlax and Bagels

Fresh Gravlax and Bagels

Fresh Gravlax and Bagels
Atlantic Salmon
1oz of Vodka per 2.5lb of salmon
1/2 Bunch of dill
70g of salt per 2.5lb of salmon
43g of sugar per 2.5lb of salmon
Cream Cheese

Place salmon in deep baking pan. Drizzle vodka over the salmon and cover evenly with the salt and sugar mixture. Place dill on top of salmon. Cover and place in fridge for 24hrs.

Flip salmon and redistribute any remaining salt and sugar that have clumped or pooled. Cover and return to fridge for another 24 hours.

Remove from pan and rinse under running water to remove any excess salt and sugar.

Slice and enjoy with fresh cucumber and cream cheese. Perfect for brunch!